We will be marching the Chevron Formation, but performing a new piece of music for some and that will be “EL CID”.   The halftime performance will step off with EL CID then go into March Grandiso.  We will then form the last LHAB 50th formation while playing The Eye’s of Texas under the direction of Mr. Vincent R. DiNino and other former LHB Directors.

Randy Bass has graciously created computerized Wind and Percussion Parts for us, so a big thank you goes out to him!!!  Please look at the music prior to Friday nights rehearsal so we can sound great on the field!

You will be able to find this music at the following link!!


Look at the very bottom of the EL Cid list of instruments and the computerized parts are all on one file for all winds and one file for all percussion.  PLEASE PRINT OUT AND BRING WITH YOU if you can!!!  


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50th Reunion