Longhorn Alumni Band, you are fantastic!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to Band Day to celebrate our 50th Reunion!!! It was a pleasure and honor being able to serve as your president and will continue to help in any way I can. Seeing our members socialize, rehearse, and turning back into college kids was a joy!!! No matter the differences between all of us, we are all connected through the lifeblood that is The University of Texas Longhorn Band/Alumni Band. Whether you are 23 or 95 years of age, we are all on the same level and that is what makes these reunions so special. This year marked a special occasion, but please make it a tradition to have these sort of numbers every year because people want to see YOU! The leadership of LHAB are special people and nothing could be possible with out the hours spent by them, so THANK YOU!!!

Big thanks goes to KKY/TBS for their manpower, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you!!!  Thank you to Robert Carnochan, Scott Hanna, Tony Marinello, Jerry Junkin, the TA/office staff and of course  Moton Crockett, Vincent R. DiNino, Glenn Ricther and Paula Crider for their hours given on game day and helping make LHB/LHAB the great organizations they are!!! 

Take Care & God Bless everyone, lets continue to grow our family so we can continue to change the world!!

Eddie Lopez
Past President

“May The Eye’s of Texas Always be Upon You”