Another fall, another Band Day, and another chance for us to do what no other  Alumni Band attempts:  To put on a full halftime show with just few hours of practice time. We are able to do this only because of our tradition of section leaders who teach the show. This year will be a special one with the memorial for our founder, Mr. D. We will have only two hours to put it all together, and I am expecting a big turnout as we honor Mr. D.  We’ll need a strong corps this year.
This is my 47th year of doing Alumni Band shows, and I know we will pull this off.  If you are one of our veteran Section Leaders, I’m counting on you to help on this show once more.  If you were a SL in LHB, but have not volunteered before, this is a great time to do your part.  We’ll need more SLs than last year, so don’t be afraid to step up and help.  It is a great way to meet fellow LHABers and we’ll make sure you have plenty of help.  To volunteer, please email me: or call:  214-850-3166.  Conrad, no need to be first again… I already put you on the list!
Scott Harmon
Drum Major
LHB ’68 -’76