Dear Longhorn Alumni Band, 

As we gear up for a football season that is looking to keep us on our toes, LHB is thrilled to invite you all to join us as Texas takes on the Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday, October 18th

The attendance of the Longhorn Alumni Band helps to provide an incomparable spirit for our football games, as well as introduces to the newest members of the Longhorn Band a glimpse at the storied tradition of LHB. We cannot thank you all enough for all of the support and loyalty you have provided us for the past 51 years. It is your efforts and passion for our university that will help to make this year’s Showband of the Southwest the best one yet!

The Longhorn Band can’t wait to share the day with you guys! On behalf of LHB, welcome back to the Forty Acres and Beat the Hell Outta Iowa State!

Erin McAtee
Longhorn Band President 2014-2015