Assigned Flights

At this point one of your awesome London organizers has notified of you of your assigned flight and group’s flight leader. If you’re traveling with honorary members, please pass along the flight information as some of their emails are not in our system. If you haven’t received an email from us, then contact us immediately to rectify the situation. Please bring your passport or a copy of it to Band Day weekend (preferable Friday) to verify it against our flight manifest. We are detailed-oriented and want to ensure no one is kicked off a flight for typos.  More details are forthcoming once we hear from the London organizers.

Renting Instruments

To be honest, we are having quite a difficult time finding schools to loan us sousaphone cases or additional instruments for the London trip. If you know of any band directors at schools wanting to help us out for a financial donation to their booster program, contact us immediately.

Otherwise, unfortunately, you’ll have to obtain an instrument from someone or someplace else, as we are out of solutions. We will work with you on alternate drop off times prior to shipping our carnet mid-December. We sincerely apologize for this grave inconvenience.

Shipping Instruments

Be prepared to get your personal instrument to Austin, TX by Band Day, Oct. 17-18th, if you want it shipped.

You may drop it off or have a family member, friend, another traveler do so. Please have a luggage tag with your personal contact information on the sturdy case. You’ll be handed a special brightly colored orange luggage tag for shipping identification purposes. Please note the approximately value and weight of your personal instrument for insurance shipping purposes.

Here are the three drop off times:

  • Friday, Oct. 17th from 5-9p.m. at the business meeting. (Only if you’re not participating in Band Day at the LONDON U-Haul).
  • Saturday, Oct. 18th at the LONDON U-Haul following the end of the game. 
  • Sunday, Oct. 19th 2:00p.m sharp,  load your personal instrument on the U-haul with the orange luggage tag following Mr. DiNino’s reception at Scholtz.
Hard/Durable Travel Cases

If you are renting an instrument from LHAB, we will pack it for you.  As stated in our London contract, LHAB can only ship these instruments in sturdy standard instrument cases:

  • Alto Sax
  • Banner
  • Bertha
  • Big Flag
  • Mello
  • Percussion-Bass
  • Percussion- Cymbals
  • Percussion- Snare
  • Percussion- Tenors
  • Silk
  • SOB
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • U.S & State Flag

All other instruments (clarinets, piccolos, trumpets, and twirler batons) will be part of your luggage or carry-on. Please pack accordingly.


Have finally arrived for Band Day weekend! Please complete the Uniform Pickup Option form. Someone is required to sign off that your uniform was picked up. Please bring your passport or a copy of it, to verify what you typed on the passenger manifest. We are detailed-oriented and want to ensure no one is kicked off a flight for typos. Distribution will end promptly at 11a.m. Sat., Oct. 18th. Unfortunately, we will not distribute anymore uniforms until Sunday in Round Rock!

If you’re on Option 3 and live outside of the U.S., please contact us so we can make arrangements with you or find a friendly attendee off the list to pick up your uniform. Thanks in advance for being helpful.

Final Payment

Option 1, 2, & 3ers- please wait until you receive an email invoice for your amount during the week of Oct.19th. You’re expected to pay it in full immediately. Please plan accordingly for the larger sum. As per the London officials: e-tickets, hotel keys, etc…will not be released until you’re paid in full. Your final payment will include plus or minus any variation in airline, airport & government taxes, fee charges, surcharges or currency exchange plus any further payments due for selected extras and the LHAB uniform and shipping if applicable. The new final payment date is Oct. 24, 2014. Do not pay until we email you.

Travel Insurance

London Travel insurance policy has been posted.  We strongly advise everyone to read the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy, as this is a contract between you and the insurer.  We want everyone to take the time to be well-informed regarding their rights and responsibilities.

LNYDP Merchandise 2015

The Official 2015 LNYDP Merchandise is now available to order online, via the Shop at More importantly however, is that the ‘Participant Discount Code’ is activated and is ready to go!

The Participant Discount Code is ‘lnydp2015’ all lower case. If you use this Participant Discount code upon checkout, all participants will pay NO postage and packing and will receive their items in their London hotel.

Please note: The Alfie Bear, LNYDP Cufflinks and LNYDP Pins are now available to buy, for all participants and supporters of LNYDP for the very first time!
 Hook ‘Em,

Nefertiti Williams
LHAB President 2014