Dear London Participants,

We are thrilled the trip is finally upon us! In case you didn’t know, Big Bertha will be arriving in London a little sooner than us. Everything is finally finalized and we are looking forward to a successful voyage. Below there are several sections of helpful information. Click each section for the entire update. Please take time to read it before emailing us. We appreciate your patience while planning LHAB’s first international trip. 

London Uniform-updated information
Help Get LNYDP on TV Campaign 
London Music-updated information
Medical Release Form – All members must complete

I also want to thank some people whom have been helping behind the scenes to make this possible:

  • Karen Hanson and Heather Wright. They’ve taken on an immense number of tasks and worked endless volunteer hours. Feel free to buy them a beverage in appreciation. These two ladies are very organized and I’ve been fortunate to have them as officers!
  • Paula Crider has also been an instrumental part. Not only did she nominate LHAB, she’s been planning the parade line-up and offered to direct rehearsals while being our UT representative.
  • Moton Crockett and JP Kirksey have completed their mission impossible, having Big Bertha fly to London and lead the parade. You two are amazing!
  • Kudos our London section leaders and others members who have volunteered their time to accomplish some daunting tasks. You all have been life savers and we are grateful for your dedication to this wonderful organization!
  • Jerry Junkin, Rob Carnochan, Scott Hanna, and Tony Marinello have offered tons of advice and support on our behalf, while working with the powers that be at UT to make this trip a reality. I’m blessed to work with such a great group directors!

 It’s a tremendous honor to represent the Longhorn Alumni Band, University of Texas and its outstanding programs. Thank you to everyone for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels,
Nefertiti Williams
LHAB President 2015