When’s my flight?
Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014- Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015
Be ready to meet at the airport 3 hours beforehand if you’re flying out of a Texas airport. Your flight leader will be there with your lanyard and name tag. Confirmation numbers and e-tickets along with instructions are being processed by the ticketing office. Thank you for your patience!

Can I get an assigned seat?
This is the response I received from one of the London coordinators:
“Where possible, American Airlines blocks seats for our groups; these seats are allocated in alphabetical order, so, usually, those with the same last names should be seated together. For others, wishing to sit with friends or relatives, we suggest that any seat exchanges take place once the group has boarded.”

What’s the name of the hotel?
Park Plaza Victoria
239 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 1EQ

Telephone: 020 7769 9793

What’s my hotel confirmation number?
Unless you’re arriving early, you really don’t need it. Our tour assistants will be available at check in to expedite the process. The hotel will used the roommate list and the first person listed to hold the room. Your passport number is on file. I will email out the roommate list again. You will need to put down your personal credit card for any incidentals such as phone and the mini-bar.

What’s the nearest tube station? 
Lines from this station: Victoria, District & Circle

What is there to do in London?
Here’s the LNYDP itinerary book.on pages 19036

Do I need a calling card, throw away phone, or internationally calling plan?
It’s best to call your service provider and discuss the European plans. There’s also more information suggested by the organizers in the LNYDP itinerary book  on page 3.

How will LHAB communicate with us?
You may receive updates via our official social media sites if you have WiFi access or are using the computers in the hotel lobby. WiFi is free at our hotel. There will also be a dry erase board with announcements posted each morning. Please use the itinerary in your book which you will receive at orientation meeting following the first rehearsal. You may also call/text me with emergencies only. I’ll provide my number via email.

I’m on Option 2. Will there be transportation from the airport?
No, you’ll have to make your own transportation arrangements from to and from the airport to the Park Plaza Victoria.  LNYDP itinerary book  on page 5 is a great place to start.

What music are we playing?

  • The Eyes of Texas
  • Texas Fight
  • March Grandioso
  • March of the Longhorns
  • Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Wabash Cannonball

Why do I have to fill out the medical release form?
It’s a good idea for your group leader to have some medical information on you in case you become ill or injured. We will also be able to contact someone in your family on your behalf if there’s a worst case scenario. If you are a medical professional attending, please contact us so we may collaborative if an emergency arises. 

Why do I need a photocopy of my passport?

Photocopy of your passport in case of theft or loss of original will help expedite replacement. Our tour assistants will help you get to the nearest US Embassy Office.