Registration Pickup and Late Registration

Friday evening:  At Scholz’s Beer Garten, 5:00 pm to end of rehearsal and business meeting.
Saturday morning:  At Longhorn Band Hall beginning 1 ½ hours prior to rehearsal and closing down 30 minutes prior to rehearsal to allow workers to get to rehearsal site. No registration will be handled during rehearsal.

Orders for guest game tickets ($65 each) must be submitted with registration no later than September 4.  

Online registration will be opened by August 23 and mail in registration form will be available on the website as well.  Deadline for mail-in registration is postmarked by Friday, September 12; deadline for online registration is Wednesday, September 16, 5:00 PM, CDT. 

One thought on “Important Registration Information

  1. August 23 — online registration is NOT open.

    Also, as advertised, mail-in reservation form is online, but it's a link to a PDF from LAST YEAR, describing info about a game in October! Please update ALL links before publishing, or at least leave them out if they aren't working yet….hard to believe that after a whole year since the previous Band Day, no one has been able to update the online registration form when nothing changes but the dates!