54th Annual Business Meeting – November 10, 2017

Texas Fight
Scott Harmon
Call to Order
Joe Dahlstrom
Introduction of Guests, Remarks, and         
Joe Dahlstrom
March of the Longhorns *
Moton Crockett
Welcome; Wabash Cannonball
Jerry Junkin, Director of Bands
Longhorn Band Report, Stars and Stripes Forever
Scott Hanna, Director of LHB
Pep Band Report; Kansas Alma Mater
Joshua Gall, Assistant Director, LHB
Remarks about Rehearsal & Halftime Show
Scott Hanna; Scott Harmon
March Grandioso
Ryan Kelly, Associate Director, LHB
Presentation/Approval – 2016 Minutes
Matthew Brandt
Presentation/Approval – Treasurer’s Report
Cynthia Wren
D-Day Trip Update
Bill Phillips, chair of Steering Committee
LHAB Charitable Fund Report
Kent Kostka, chair of BOT
Overview of 2017 Scholarships & Recipients
Kent Kostka; Jo Lyn Peters
Honorary LHAB Membership
Kent Kostka; Scott Harmon; Joe Dahlstrom
Passing of the Dunagan Hat
Donna Beth McCormick
Scholarship Fund Raffle
J. P. Kirksey
Board of Directors Report
Scott Harmon, chair of BOD
Consideration of LHAB Bylaws Amendment,
      Introduction of Code of Conduct
Joe Dahlstrom; Scott Harmon
Election of 2017-2018 Officers & Directors
Joe Dahlstrom; Scott Harmon;
Jo Lyn Peters
Installation of 2017-2018 Officers & Directors
Moton Crockett
Passing of the President’s Gavel
Joe Dahlstrom
The Eyes of Texas
Moton Crockett
Sara Beth Purdy