A Statement on the Content of the Proposed Bylaws Changes and Why We Need Your Support and Positive Vote 

Please find a copy of the proposed Bylaws Changes here.

LHAB Family – 

Any bylaw revision work is driven by the need to react to a changed environment, like the evolution of technology, and the need to improve function and efficiency so that an organization can continuously improve while staying true to its core principles and purpose. With this in mind, the LHAB Bylaws Revision Committee has proposed several key changes that I’d like to explain as we approach the window to cast our votes:

1. Because we’ve historically asked for membership dues and Band Day fees at the same time, most people don’t pay dues unless they come to Band Day. Out of the 3,000+ who receive our Blasts, only a few hundred have paid dues for this year. We need to roll out the Recurring Membership program that last year’s Board of Directors (BOD) voted on to help stabilize the financial well-being of LHAB’s operations.

2. We have moved the details of LHAB’s standing Committees to our Handbook (previously called Policies) where we can adjust their roles and make up as needs arise; adjustments cannot be made if they are defined in our Bylaws. For example, it is more appropriate that the Logo, Emblem and Seal Committee report to the BOD and not be chaired by the Secretary who may change every year. We can’t make that change because all Committees are defined in the current Bylaws.

3. We have moved Officer descriptions into the Handbook where we included and refined the job duties of all Officers and Appointed Assistants. These new Bylaws point to the connection with the Handbook and holds all Officers and Appointed Assistants accountable to fulfill their job duties.

4. We have added continuity to the BOD by adding the Past President and President-Elect to the BOD. These new Bylaws also specify that there must be a Secretary and minutes of BOD meetings. 

5. We need to have one person who is clearly responsible for leading LHAB to have alignment of operations with strategic priorities, so we have specified that the LHAB President also chair the BOD. The LHAB President will be responsible to the BOD on strategic issues and the Officers on operational issues.

The remaining proposed changes fall into the category of a simple wording cleanup, reformatting, or editing to remove redundancies or inconsistencies. More of that can always be done, but at some point, you have to go with what you have until another round of revisions and improvements are undertaken. Because we have received feedback requesting more of that, we will convene a new Bylaws Revision Committee on October 1 if these Bylaws are approved so that all of the various clarity concerns, grammatical improvements, elegance issues, etc. can be addressed.

The first version of these proposed Bylaws included an extension of voting membership and marching privileges to members of the Longhorn Pep Band. We have received feedback that this proposed change would not be widely accepted, so that change has been removed. The idea of possibly including Longhorn Pep Band members as Associate Members and allowing them to join us in area playing events or international trips is something we might discuss in the future.

Our practice has always been to engage a committee to work on all members’ behalf to revise the Bylaws. Dr. Joe Dahlstrom, a well-respected Past President and Registered Parliamentarian, led a committee comprised of current officers and BOD members who are very familiar with the current operations and challenges LHAB faces. This committee included Joe, Heather Knolle, Jo Lyn Peters, Sara Beth Purdy and Lisa Vasquez. They worked for seven months on our behalf, and we owe them a debt of gratitude. They, along with the current LHAB Officers and BOD are asking for your support to pass these Bylaws by the end of September. 

This letter and the newly proposed Bylaws are posted at LHAB.org. You will receive a Blast with a link to cast your vote beginning on September 15. I hope you will vote to approve them. Thank you and Hook ‘Em Horns!

‘til Gabriel blows his horn,
Jeanne Yturri
President, LHAB