Membership in the Longhorn Alumni Band is the most recognizable way of expressing our pride and love for The University of Texas Longhorn Band! Any person enrolled in the Longhorn Band for at least one fall semester is eligible to join LHAB.

Like most organizations, LHAB charges member dues to cover things like:

  • Administrative costs, such as tax return preparation 
  • Costs associated with archives
  • Web hosting
  • Liability insurance
  • Longhorn Band functions
  • Office supplies
  • Officer meeting expenses
  • Postage
  • Storage unit rental 
  • LHAB’s membership in the National Association of Alumni Bands, etc.

The Problem We’re Trying to Solve: Historically, LHAB has collected annual member dues while registering for Band Day. The problem is that typically only those who attend Band Day pay member dues for that year. Yet, regardless of when you last paid annual dues, we continue sending email Blasts and providing full access to our website, online directory, and music. In addition, membership dues do not cover any expenses related to Band Day. It’s time to separate member dues from Band Day fees.

How Will This Work: Next week, when we open registration for Band Day 2021, you will pay your $25 annual membership dues and enroll in a new recurring membership program. Members who have already paid their dues in 2021 are current for 2021-2022 and will not be asked to pay again. Members in their first or second year out of LHB will not be charged. Annual dues payment is optional for Legacy Members (age 70 or older). LHAB uses AffiniPay to collect all member dues and Band Day fees. LHAB will never and has never saved your credit card information. We have been using this third-party service for many years. Members will be given the option to opt out of an automatic dues payment.

When Will This Start: An automatic dues payment will be drafted yearly on July 1, beginning in 2022. Early next year, we will introduce different membership levels with increasing member benefits for you to choose from and details about the membership levels, associated benefits, and costs. 

A recurring membership program aligns dues collection with our fiscal year to enable budgeting for expenditures and to increase member services to LHAB and support for LHB. We ask for your help in making this program successful!