Dear Alumni,

The LHAB Board of Directors met in March.  After two resignations occurring earlier in the year, the remaining Board members, President Scott Hendrix, John Brady, Joe Dahlstrom, and Ruth Dahlstrom, elected Mr. Kyle Walker, trumpet ’09-’13, and Mr. Nicholas Schroeder, clarinet, ’99-’04, to serve on the Board on an interim basis up to the 2015 annual meeting.

The Board also appointed Joe Dahlstrom to serve on a Special Bylaws Revision Committee and authorized the Committee to begin its work.  The Committee, chaired by LHAB member Leah Raye Mabry, a registered Texas Parliamentarian, is tasked with drafting revised bylaws that will provide a  more consistent and comprehensive governing document for our organization in the years ahead. Other Committee members include, Jo Lynn Peters, Karen Hanson, Donna Beth McCormick, Heather Wright, and Scott Hendrix (ex officio). The draft of the revised bylaws will be complete in June and posted on the LHAB website for review by the general membership.  The Board of Directors will ask for a motion to adopt the revised bylaws at the 2015 annual meeting.

Hook ‘Em,
Scott Hendrix
BOD President