Costs for our Normandy uniform have been finalized and it’s time to pay Historic Programs!  We have made arrangements for Historic Programs to collect payments for our uniforms.  The exact amount due from each person will be posted to your MyTour Account with Historic Programs.

This notice is to advise on what we feel are the final estimated costs.


Please send your Uniform payments to Historic Programs before November 30, 2018, and contact Cherish Walker with payment questions.

Here’s the breakdown of costs, including taxes:
Jacket (with patches)                      $ 68.71 each
Orange Dress Shirt                         $ 48.71 each
Orange Polo Shirt                           $ 32.48 each
Stetson (with box and rain cover)    $105.67 each
Tuba Hat                                        $ 19.49 each
Uniform Shipping Fee $15.00 per performer
HP Processing Fee 3% of your Total Uniform costs

The uniforms will be ready for pick up in Austin in March/April, 2019.  

The exact date is TBD but is planned to be the same weekend as the Normandy Rehearsal in the Band Hall prior to the Orange/White game.

If you pick up your uniform in Austin, your unused Uniform Shipping Fee will be donated to the Longhorn Band Legacy Fund unless you request a refund.  

Remember, you must be in uniform to perform in France.

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